Social Media Analysis

Our value

ASERO has been at the forefront of social media analysis and management since the launch of the very first social media platforms. We recognize the host of concerns they have raised about insidious activity in the realms of cyber security and homeland security—as well as those about privacy rights and surveillance. We bring forward balanced solutions to these issues by strictly adhering to open-sourced and ethical data-handling practices.

Our approach

ASERO is leading the way and offers a number of open-source based solutions to address contemporary concerns about social media and mitigate its risks. Our solutions include platforms for early threat detection and tools against fake news campaigning. Our pioneering technological efforts have established us as leaders in open-sourced data collection, analysis, and visualization of user groups across the most frequented social media networks.


Cross-network social media management solutions

Online behaviour-based urban planning

Online behaviour-based threat detection

Organized disinformation campaigning detection & mitigation solutions